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Lend a helping hand

Home In Place volunteers come in all ages and all stages of life from students to full- time employees, empty nesters, retirees and even Villagers themselves. And Home In Place volunteers represent a range of skills, talents, expertise, and resources. So, no matter your interests and talents, there is a way for you to be a productive volunteer.

What volunteers do....
Volunteers support Villagers in accord with the volunteers’ personal resources and talents. Some volunteers provide Villagers with transportation and companionship; others offer technology support or assist with those simple handyman jobs. Home in Place invites all volunteers to HIP educational, cultural, and social events.

What volunteers don’t do...
Volunteers offer support services to Villagers, but they do not offer the assistance that health professionals provide. Though volunteers may provide transportation to a doctor’s office or pharmacy, they do not assist with bathing and dressing or with the administering of medications. Volunteers may provide transportation and companionship for Villagers’ trips to the grocery, but volunteers do not serve as sitters for villagers who cannot be left alone.

Volunteers enjoy the benefits of...

•staying active – physically, mentally and socially

•connecting with others, and feeling part of community

•sharing their talents, skills and expertise with those who need them

•“paying it forward” – knowing that we will all need support as we age

•social activities with other Home in Place volunteers and members